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Service Policy

By Changzhou Sifary Medical Technology Co., Ltd. International Business Department.

1. Market: the rules apply to worldwide market (not included Mainland of China Region).
2. Products range: Anesthesia Flowmeter, Anesthesia Vaporizer and Customization products.
3. Warranty period: Guarantee valid for 24 months after ship date when cargo is picked-up from factory.
4. Authorized distributors must send feedback report to Sifary within 20 workdays after installation.
    Please send report to:  [email protected]
5. The warranty period with special terms will be subject to the terms stated in the contract.
6. The warranty disclaimer.
    (1) The warranty will not cover consumables, which lost efficacy due to storage by distributor or normal using process.
    (2) The warranty will not cover damage due to improper transport or usage.
    (3) The warranty will not cover damage caused by natural disaster and war.
    (4) The warranty will not cover damage caused by the engineers who are not authorized by Sifary.
7. Sifary promise that there are enough spare parts inventory for all products for at least 5 years after production is officially stopped.
8. Sifary will response for every complaint report within 24 hours.
9. Sifary will support to train engineer be arranged in our company according to customer request.

The right of further explanation for service policy belongs to Changzhou Sifary Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

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